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I have met a whole lot more cubers at my class namely Drew, Janelle, Jhaztine, Brian, and some more other dudes.

A cool picture

Feliks Zemdegs Solving A 3x3

It's really fun to see yourself improving. First you may solve your cubes at a quite long time,
but as time passes by, you will certainly not miss the differences of the time you take on your solves.

My Personal bests:

A while ago until now.

At this time, there is still a huge space for improvement. My friend that taught me how to
cube is now, I can say, a speedcuber. His personal best is now at about 11 seconds.

Here are the best speedcubes you could buy.

  1. GAN356 AIR
  2. My classmate when I was in grade 6 has one of these.

  3. The Valk 3
  4. This cube is named after Mats Valk who once had the world record
    of 4.74 seconds but has been beaten by Feliks Zemdegs.

  5. Moyu Aolong V2
  6. This was my favorite until I discovered the GANs AIR

    The cube below was the one I use. It is pretty smooth but has no corner cutting,
    but when you find out how much it is, you'll be surprised

  7. MoFang Jiaoshi MF3
  8. Of course it gets better when you apply some lubricant in it and adjust its tensions.

    A picture of the cube
  9. Mofang Jiaoshi MF3RS
  10. This is my current cube. It has 45 degree cornercutting and light turns. It reverse cornercuts a little bit.

  11. Moyu Weilong GTS2
  12. This is Drew's main cube. It performs not a whole lot better than my main, the MF3RS but it is better. Of course better cubes means more expensive cubes. Pricing at 800Php at thecubecorner.net, it has minimal lock ups and great cornercutting.

My friend's first cube was a Vcube

I do not recommend you to purchase this cube. It's expensive with bad quality (though it is tough
and will last for some time). It has no corner cutting but very smooth just like the Jiaoshi. I prefer you
buy the Jiaoshi instead.

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